Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Reflection on Lesson 1 (1 Apr 2013) - Problem Solving

Solving problems is fun!  We solved two problems in class today and the process was very enjoyable. 

We tried solving the name problem and discovered that there were more than one way of finding the solution.  During the process, Dr. Yeap did not tell us how to solve the problem.  Instead, he used the different strategies of carrying instructions to guide us.  He modelled, scaffolded, provided and explained.  We also talked among ourselves while trying to figure out the way to solve the problem.  This experience was supported by Vygotsky's theory that learning occurs in a social setting.  Dr. Yeap was also heard saying "I wonder why? "  I later learnt that it was intentional.  When a teacher asks this question, he is scaffolding the students' learning.  He is also indirectly getting children to think for new ideas and modelling the wondering mind.

This simple problem solving exercise equips me with the skills that I need to use when conducting mathematics activities with children in my class.  With this hands-on and engaging method I learnt tonight, I am sure the children in my class will find solving problems not intimidating and a breeze!!

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