Sunday, 7 April 2013

Reflection on Lesson 5 (5 Apr 2013) - Algebraic Thinking

We drew polygons on geoboards in class today.  We were only allowed to use 4 dots on the geoboards when drawing our polygons.  After drawing the different polygons, we tried to calculate their areas.  We used one square as our standard unit of measurement.  Calculating the area of some polygons were easy but others were difficult to calculate.  There were even some differences in our calculations.  Finally, we manged to see a pattern while calculating the area of the polygons. We formulated an equation to help us in our calculation.  The equation is Area = x + 1.
Unknowingly, we have learnt algebra tonight.  We were provided with opportunities to observe a pattern while calculating the area of the polygons and used algebra to generalise it.

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