Sunday, 7 April 2013

Reflection on Lesson 3 (3 Apr 2013) - Fractions

We began learning about fractions by folding paper.  Each of us were given a piece of paper and had to fold it into four equal parts.  We explored the different ways of folding the paper to get four equal parts.  We shared ideas among ourselves and had much fun.

The activity we did tonight is exactly what all Primary 2 children will do in their first lesson on  fractions.  I can imagine the fun and excitement the children will have during their learning.  The activity is concrete and uses the CPA approach.  This approach is being emphasised constantly in class by Dr. Yeap and he always uses it in the lessons that he models in class.

Besides folding paper, we also learnt some facts about fractions. 
  • Children only learn fraction in Primary 2, they do not need to learn fractions earlier than that.  
  • Some children struggle with fractions because fractions are written in an unusual way.  
  • 3/4 should be read as "three fourths" and not "three out of four" or "three over four". 
  • Never cut an apple into two and claim that they are in halves.  We can never be sure that they are in halves unless we weigh it.

In addition, I hope that all preschool teachers who are teaching fractions to the children in their class will stop doing it!  Fractions are too abstract for young preschoolers to understand and is only taught in Primary 2.  Please do not accelerate the children's learning, provide them with enrichment instead.

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